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A safe, restorative space for you to be heard, to be held, to be healed.

A deeply nourishing and calming coaching sanctuary that allows you to be able to fully express how you feel and be who you are right now, wherever you're at and whatever's going on for you.

Reconnect to you and learn to love, trust and value yourself, as you gain deeper awareness, build inner strength, identify and break through the barriers that keep you stuck, reprogramme limiting beliefs and experience the freedom of living with more ease and flow as your authentic self. 

A safe container to pause, breathe out and share with total honesty, knowing that you won't be judged or criticised but instead listened to, supported, soothed, uplifted, replenished, encouraged and empowered to strengthen your inner sanctuary so you can come home to you.

Step into the magnificence of who you are!

Unleash your infinite potential, unlock your courage and, through a wonderful journey of self-discovery, self-compassion and self-love, open your wings, beautiful, and fly



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Step out as a brighter, bolder version of yourself, with a deeper level of awareness, a new-found calm, clarity and confidence and a reignited spark of joy!

What do I get in The Nurtured Soul Sanctuary Sessions?

💮 SIX one-to-one impactful, restorative, uplifting, transformational sessions with me as your coach and mentor (usually via Zoom) 

💮 A powerful set of mindset and energetic tools to help you take action to make positive change, to experience invaluable personal transformations and improve all aspects of your well-being

💮 Completely personalised sessions with dedicated, focused time for you and your individual needs

💮 Freedom to share, offload, disentangle from the struggles and let go of the daily pressures

💮 A healing journey of self-awareness as you slow down, reconnect to you and learn to understand your feelings and behaviours better so that you can create more positive outcomes

💮 Gentle guidance, supportive strategies and effective techniques to make mindset shifts, reprogramme limiting beliefs, restore, replenish and cultivate self-love, acceptance and inner strength

💮 Emotional and energetic support so that you can honour your needs and start to make changes in your life in a way that is realistic and aligned to you

💮 EFT (tapping) to reset your nervous system and release emotional blocks, as required

💮 Deeper work to peel back the layers, dissolve the fears, uncover the blocks, break through the barriers and unlock the codes to your healing to create true transformation

💮 Flexibility to use your 6-session pass whenever you need to with weekly or fortnightly 60-minute sessions. Passes are valid for 3 months from issue.





3 payments of £199*

6-session package is valid for 3 months from date of first session

It’s time to reset, rebalance, renew and realign!

💞 Give yourself permission to say YES to you today 💞


*Please get in touch via email if you have any questions at all or if you wish to set up an extended payment plan.

If you would like to have a chat with me first, I invite you to BOOK A FREE 20-MINUTE CALL here and we can see what’s going on for you with where you're at now and where you want to get to.

If you are interested but feel apprehensive or unsure at all, please get in touch, I'd love to chat with you.

“Love is the great miracle cure. 
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” 

Louise Hay

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Is The Nurtured Soul Sanctuary for you?

💗 Do you find you're always last on your list of priorities, taking care of others and

putting everyone else's needs above your own and want to restore balance in your life? 


💗 Have you lost your zest for life and desperately want to get yourself back to a place of feeling good where you find a spark of joy in every day?


💗 Are you going through changes which are making you feel unsettled, uncertain, nervous, like you've lost a part of you, and you want to settle your nervous system and reconnect to you?


💗 Are you at a crossroads, a turning point in life maybe, feeling fraught with confusion and not knowing which way to go and wanting more clarity and focus?


💗 Do you find you keep things to yourself, hold things in and not share how you're actually feeling so as not to burden others or for fear of being judged?

💗 Do you struggle to love, appreciate and show yourself kindness and compassion and want to cultivate a more loving, supportive relationship with yourself?

💗 Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, drained and depleted and want some energetic tools to help you reset and restore?

💗 Do you want to be listened to, for someone to hold space for you. to help you disentangle from the struggles, dissolve self-doubt and worry, identify and release limiting beliefs & blocks?

The Nurtured Soul Sanctuary is for you!

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Your journey

Be heard. Be held. Be healed.

As you allow yourself to pause, breathe deep, offload and express how you truly feel, you will feel a lightness and ease as you disentangle from the struggles, surrender to the emotions, let go of the pressure and release the worries, the resistance and the fears.


Helping you to see what's going on for you in a safe, nurturing space increases your self-awareness so you can gain clarity, start to shift out of your current energy and move towards a more positive, helpful, higher vibrational and expansive energy, filled with potential for you.


We create the space for you to see a clearer way forward and begin to fill your own cup up as you relax, let go, replenish and move into a calmer, uplifted, reinvigorated you.


As you begin to feel more nurtured and supported, you'll learn to trust and validate yourself, show yourself greater compassion and be more willing to take brave steps as you build your inner strength, deepen your self-worth and gain greater belief in yourself.


You'll identify, question, challenge and reframe the limiting beliefs and repeating thought patterns that you've been carrying, that have held you back and kept you stuck. With the techniques we'll use, you'll start to realise that you can free yourself of the self-sabotaging stories and write a new narrative for yourself instead.


You'll feel more empowered to make choices that serve you as you listen to and trust your own inner guidance. You'll support yourself in your words, thoughts and actions with loving kindness.


We'll get you to a place where you allow yourself to feel into what you need, to honour your feelings, to be free to love, accept and cherish yourself so you can move forward as your true, authentic self with a new sense of possibilitypower and potential to be the full expression of who you really are.


As you embrace your journey of self-discovery and come home to you, you start to feel whole again. You step into alignment and dance to your own rhythm with more ease and flow


All of this whilst continuing to nurture and nourish your needs, always reconnecting to you and learning to easily access a restorative place of inner stillness, your own personal sanctuary.

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NSC - Cover - Blank 4.png




3 x £199


Joining information and sign-up forms will be emailed upon payment - keep an eye on your Inbox (and spam folder!)

If you are new to me and would like to have a chat with me first or if you have any questions at all, I invite you to BOOK A FREE CALL with me.

Please feel free to reach out to me. You don't have to do this alone.

Our sessions together


Whatever stage you’re at in your life, whether you’re juggling busy family life, being pulled in different directions with your work, dealing with the stresses of running your own business or, even at the other extreme, you find yourself with an unexpected change of circumstance or an empty house as your children start school or leave home, it’s incredibly healing to acknowledge and express how you’re feeling, to allow yourself time to nurture your needs and reconnect to you so you can reset and move forwards.


We’ll look at what’s happening for you now, what challenges you’re facing and how you can best navigate your way through those but also explore any areas you’d like to improve or make changes in. You may already have a clear idea about this or you might feel quite lost, not really knowing where to begin, either and anything in between is completely fine.

In each session, you’ll develop a deeper awareness about yourself, learn to understand yourself better and gain insights about what you really need at your core to restore, replenish, soothe and comfort, so you can begin to love, accept and trust yourself, be open to new approaches, opportunities and possibilities and ultimately live a life of freedom and flow, fulfilling your potential and purpose.

I will help you work through problems, challenges or difficult situations so you feel much clearer, more confident in your decisions and more compassionate towards yourself.

Our sessions together will give you fresh perspectives and new ways of looking at the most important elements of your life so you feel lighter, freer and more balanced, energised, inspired and empowered at the end of each one.

You will feel recognised, accepted and understood at a deep level, safe to release anything in our sessions that’s been coming up for you so we can start the healing process. 

Are you ready to make a commitment to you,

to invest in yourself and your well-being, to fill up your cup?

My story

As an accredited NLP, EFT & Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach for Women and Advanced Law of Attraction teacher, having also been on my own voyage of self-discovery over the past 30 years, I am passionate in my work as a coach about offering support, solace and strategies, in a safe nurturing space, to ensure others don't suffer in silence as I help my clients embrace all aspects of themselves, honour their needs, learn to love, trust and value themselves and nourish the well-being of their mind, body and soul.

My nurturing, intuitive, calming nature helps put you at ease as I gently guide and support you to challenge your thinking, shift perspective, reframe limiting beliefs, release the self-sabotaging stories and internal suffering and adopt an alternative, more aligned approach from where you can tune in, listen to the whispers of your heart and ultimately create lasting transformations as you free your mind and learn to become your own loving, compassionate friend.

I will help you be the very best version of you so you can unlock your potential and live a fulfilled, limitless life where you find an inner stillness, trust your own wisdom, develop greater resilience, cultivate self-love, release the self-sabotaging stories and internal suffering, experience true vitality and always have more than enough to offer yourself and others.

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Make the most important commitment you can ever make - the commitment to yourself!

Melanie’s sessions are a breath of fresh air, always so calming, positive and uplifting. I’ve had coaching before but this is another level! Melanie helps you see things in a different way, gets you to see where you get in your own way and supports you in such a caring, reassuring way that you can’t help but believe in yourself more. My self-esteem and self-confidence were so low before working with Melanie, I couldn’t even think about getting a new job, let alone applying for one, being interviewed and getting it! She gives you the boost you need, helps you see things more clearly and gets you supporting and encouraging yourself more. Sometimes we need a helping hand in life and Melanie is definitely the person to offer you that! Coaching is a commitment and an investment but it’s the best one I’ve ever made, you can’t put a price on your happiness and health! Just go for it!!

What my clients say...

"I love how intuitive, kind and empathetic Melanie is. She really helped me to see where I was sabotaging myself and to change patterns I'd been repeating for years. which were just keeping me stuck in a loop. I never thought it would be possible to think differently as I had struggled and suffered on my own for years! Having worked with Melanie, I feel calmer, happier, more positive and more motivated. I'm so much more willing to give things a try and I've done things I never thought would be possible for me which I couldn't have done without Melanie's support, encouragement and care. Thank you!"
"My sessions with Melanie have made a huge difference to my life and I'm so grateful to her for her wisdom, her warm, caring nature and her incredible support.
She has a very gentle, calming way to help you see what's going on for you, how you can get in your own way and what steps you can take to make change in the most positive way.
I always feel so inspired, encouraged and motivated after our sessions and I would highly recommend her, she is a true gem." 
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