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A unique coaching opportunity, accessible for all, with discounted small group coaching or a FREE 1:1 session for you to be able to experience the invaluable benefits of coaching and feel the positive impact in your life!


A powerful coaching circle to offer support, guidance, illumination, inspiration, activation and elevation!

 Move from chaos to calm, confusion to clarity
Shift how you feel as you gain greater awareness and a fresh focus
Reset, rebalance, realign, reinvigorate
✨ Cultivate compassion, self-love, acceptance and self-belief
Unlock your courage and take brave steps forward
✨ Recognise your unique gifts and realise your magic

✨ Reconnect to your authentic self and live the life you desire
✨ Ignite your potential and activate your inner power
 Stay on track and maintain momentum
✨ Elevate your energy and e
xpand your consciousness
 Feel better, stronger, happier, healthier in all areas of your life

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💗 Are you tired of being stuck in repeating loops and old patterns?

💗 Have you had enough of the hustle, being in a constant tailspin and feeling unmotivated  and uninspired?

💗 Are you fed up with the overdoing, overgiving, overwhelming demands on you?

💗 Are you done with the old ways that drain, deplete and disempower you?

💗 Do you want to create more calm, clarity and balance and bring more light, joy and vitality into your life?

💗 Do you feel that you're meant for more and are eager to see what’s possible for you?

💗 Would you like to shift from surviving to thriving, feeling more aligned, energised and empowered?

💗 Are you ready to fully commit to yourself, to show up for you with greater love, compassion and acceptance?

💗 Do you want to write a new chapter of your story, create your vision and explore a new adventure?

💗 Would you like to expand your consciousness and discover your true path and purpose?

💗 Is it time to unleash your potential, awaken your inner power and activate the strong, vibrant woman within?

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GLOW 2 - Blank - Website.png


As part of my heart-led mission to help people flourish in their lives (Rise, Shine, Thrive!), I believe coaching should be accessible to all! I want everyone, whatever their current circumstances, to be able to experience its power and magic 💖

I completely understand that coaching sessions can feel scary (it's something out of your comfort zone, after all) and can seem a big investment, sometimes maybe out of reach even, so in order to help you explore coaching and give you an impactful opportunity to move forward, I bring you GLOW!

GLOW is an inspiring, illuminating, uplifting, activating coaching circle where together we’ll gather to listen, to hold space, to offer support and to gently help you to take brave steps forward to shift you out of where you are and how you’re feeling so that you can move forwards with strength, confidence, calm and clarity ☀️

What makes it unique? This is an incredible chance to experience coaching with me in a small group of wonderful,  like-minded women at a heavily discounted rate! 

It's a stepping stone for you, maybe even a safe port in a storm for you, a springboard to help you move onto the next step in your adventure, wherever you’re at and whatever’s going on in your world.

It's a warm, empathic, restorative, energising power circle to help you reignite, activate and elevate 🌟

Each session will comprise of 1:1 hot-seat coaching where you can share anything that's going on for you and I'll coach you to find a way to navigate your current situation and help you make shifts to move forward. As well as this individual coaching, there will also be an opportunity to submit questions prior to the session and receive some answers, guidance and support in the session. PLUS, on top of all of this, there will be a short training, based on the needs of the group or something relevant to improve your well-being, mindset and energy. Not forgetting, a dedicated, private, safe community group where you can share how you're feeling and be supported and cheered on by other wonderful women as we all link arms and lift each other up.

Why the low cost? This is my mission, my purpose, and I want to bring the incredible opportunity to be coached by me to as many people as possible. I want to help you rise, shine, thrive in your life because I believe everyone, no matter their background or circumstance, deserves to live their fullest life and if I can help you on your way with GLOW then it would be an honour for me to do that.

The catch? You have to be ready to fully show up for yourself and be open to discovering your strengths, exploring and identifying your repeating patterns and blocks and making more helpful, empowered choices so you can shift how you feel and experience different results!

You want to bring relief and reassurance, balance and breathing room, headspace and harmony into your life and boost all aspects of your health, happiness and well-being.

You are prepared to explore what's possible for you and be willing to make positive change in your life, with a guiding hand to help you along the way, as you reconnect to you, recognise your brilliance and reactivate your beautiful inner wisdom and magic. That's it!

And it doesn't stop there! As part of my heart-led GLOW mission, I will be releasing a few spaces each month for a totally FREE private 1:1 coaching session with me 💞 Huge value, huge impact, no cost to you and no strings attached! 

Are you ready to commit to you, to reignite the spark within and step into your true power?


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GLOW - Blank - Website.png



£27 per session

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£97 for 4 sessions**


Please register your interest for your FREE 1:1 and your place will be allocated once a slot becomes available

Live themed training in a group coaching setting, hot seat 1:1 coaching and Q&A (via Zoom, replays available, questions can be submitted in advance)

Starting May 2023 - typically Tuesdays at 11am or Wednesdays at 7pm BST (days/timings to suit the group wherever possible)

By application only - Email

Payment can be made upon booking confirmation

Limited places available

Dedicated private group for community and support

Sessions approx 60-90 minutes, usually fortnightly sessions

*4-session package valid for 4 months, book as required (sessions to be booked in advance)

Request a FREE 1:1 coaching session 👇

Just mention GLOW 1:1 in your message. 

If you'd like to find out more or have a quick chat about whether GLOW is right for you, book a free call here 👇

Or email

If the monthly slots have already been allocated, I will put you on my waiting list for the next available one.
If you feel you want some urgent help, please request SOS when you email me and I will do what I can to fit you in.

**Would you like some additional 1:1 support?

Receive an individual 1:1 session with me and messaging service between sessions (Mon-Fri 10am-2pm) for £177 for the 4-session package. Request Superbright when you email me to book your place -

Every day gifts you the chance to step into your power, possibility and potential to be the person you came here to be and to create the life you want to create!

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Is GLOW for you?

If you want to feel stronger, fitter, calmer, happier, healthier in your life then GLOW is for you!


We all need some support and a helping hand at times and it’s perfectly OK to reach out for that. Better to do that than struggle alone, feeling stuck and trapped, not knowing how to or feeling able to shift out of your current situation and state.


I’ve created this coaching circle to provide a safe space for you to come when you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, lost your spark, gone off course, stumbled and are struggling to get back up, realised you need some brightness in your life or decided you’re ready to make positive changes but you aren’t sure how.

You're done with chaos and confusion and want more calm and clarity in your life!


We all go through those times but having a compassionate, empathic coach and a circle of like-minded women around you will be the light you need to lead you out of the darkness, to lift the fog, to help you see life through a clearer lens so you can show up in your life with greater vitality, strength, peace and fulfilment.

And then to elevate your energetic frequency, harness your inner feminine power, discover your gifts and life purpose, amplify your brilliance and activate your magic!


Supercharging you on all levels to help you find your true path and start living an aligned, fulfilling life.

Please only apply for the free or discounted coaching if you are ready to show up for yourself and are committed to making positive change in your life.


Don’t worry about the how right now, just identify your why and be open to exploring your what! 


Let’s get you started on your self-discovery journey as we surround you with bright, positive, uplifting energy and light 🌟


Get ready to glow!

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Quote GLOW 1:1






includes 1:1 session & messaging service support**



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As an accredited NLP, EFT & Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach for Women and Advanced Law of Attraction teacher, 

I love bringing my signature blend of healing modalities and impactful techniques to my coaching, incorporating mindset, energy alignment, emotional freedom, self-compassion and self-love, as well as applying holistic therapies such as mindfulness, aromatherapy, nutrition, crystal healing, astrology and Moonology, wherever I feel they could be beneficial to my clients, based on their individual needs and preferences.

It’s a powerful mix that elevates your energetic frequency, clears your blocks, raises your vibration, expands your mind, and activates your magic to live a fulfilled, vibrant life you love!

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"Melanie’s sessions are a breath of fresh air, always so calming, positive and uplifting. I’ve had coaching before but this is another level! Melanie helps you see things in a different way, gets you to see where you get in your own way and supports you in such a caring, reassuring way that you can’t help but believe in yourself more. My self-esteem and self-confidence were so low before working with Melanie, I couldn’t even think about getting a new job, let alone applying for one, being interviewed and getting it! She gives you the boost you need, helps you see things more clearly and gets you supporting and encouraging yourself more. Sometimes we need a helping hand in life and Melanie is definitely the person to offer you that! Coaching is a commitment and an investment but it’s the best one I’ve ever made, you can’t put a price on your happiness and health! Just go for it!!"

What my clients say...

"When you are working with Melanie, you really feel that she is holding you throughout the whole process.
Her words and questions gently help you to find your true path and to see yourself in lightness. Melanie’s deep empathy and kindness wash over you in every session like waves on a beach; you come away taller, more positive and with renewed energy.
She has an innate ability to cast away confusion and turmoil and she is an expert at helping you to see with clarity and purpose.
Spending time with Melanie enables you to rebuild your confidence and find the strength to tackle the hurdles life sends your way.
As a coach, Melanie really has an impact. She is blessed with a very special gift to uplift and nurture. She works magic and you come away the best version of yourself that you want to be.
I would thoroughly recommend Melanie as a holistic coach - her skill is remarkable."
"Melanie is so warm and welcoming and gets me thinking about things in a way that helps me feel clearer, trusting myself more and being able to get out there and do what I really want to do without the fear and doubts holding me back! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful wisdom she shares and for helping me to find me again, only a better version now!" 
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