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“Love is the great miracle cure. 
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” 

Louise Hay


This transformational programme is for you if you :

  • lack clarity, confidence, self-worth and self-trust

  • doubt yourself and question your decisions

  • worry excessively, overthink and analyse everything

  • talk yourself out of what you really want to do

  • feel stuck, fearful, stressed and overwhelmed

  • want to feel, think and experience something different

  • desire greater purpose, meaning and direction

  • put everyone else's needs before your own

  • are ready for a fresh start and to make positive change


Let Your True Self Shine

1:1 Coaching Programme - SUMMER SPECIAL

A 7-session online coaching programme to help you :

  • love, accept, honour, trust and value yourself 

  • reconnect, rebalance, reset and refocus

  • develop self-belief and cultivate self-worth

  • gain greater clarity around what keeps you stuck

  • clear the blocks that have been holding you back

  • unlock your courage and step into your personal power

  • take brave steps to free yourself of your limitations

  • set positive intentions to create positive outcomes

  • unleash your full potential with renewed self-belief

  • become your own loving friend and supporter

  • follow your passion and step into your purpose

  • create a fulfilling, limitless life you love

Please note, my current programmes are for ladies only.


*This SEVEN-session offer is valid for sign-ups in July 2023 only. Usual price for six-sessions £577.
All sessions must be booked by end of September 2023.

Extended payment plans available - please get in touch and we can arrange something suitable for you if you are ready to commit but are financially stretched currently. 

Get ready to ditch the "I can't" and step into your "I can!"


My 7-session SHINE programme consists of the following : 

  • 7 x powerful 1:1 coaching sessions online where we can dive deep into what's going on for you and where we'll find strategies to help you make positive change, shift your mindset and uplift your energy as we move you through my unique SHINE formula, personalised for your individual needs and situation

  • 1 x Clarity Call as part of your induction

  • Optional accountability between sessions to help keep you focused and on track

  • My guidance and support as I coach you in our sessions together

  • Practical mindset tips and impactful strategies for all areas of your well-being to help elevate your life

  • Accompanying workbooks to help support your journey

Do you feel you hold yourself back or limit yourself out of fear and worry or lack of confidence and self-trust? 

Do you know you want something different and want to make changes but just don't know where to start?

Then this programme is for you as we dive deep into what's really holding you back, clear out the blocks that have been keeping you stuck, and get you moving forward with even greater clarity, confidence, focus and purpose, loving, nurturing and valuing yourself as you go.

Please feel free to book a free Clarity Call or to contact me if you have any questions at all or for payment plan options:

It's time for you to step into your power, to create a fulfilling life you love

and to let your true self shine!




3x £159*

*Extended payment plans available - email

SHINE - Plain (850 × 600px).png
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It's time to set yourself free!

As a Holistic Empowerment & Confidence Coach for Women, NLP & EFT Practitioner & Advanced Law of Attraction Teacher,
I offer a supportive and nurturing environment in which I share powerful tools and impactful strategies to help you release any limitations, fully believe in yourself and get you moving from where you are to where you want to be. 

I support you as you reconnect to your authentic self, unleash your inner power, step into alignment and unlock the potential of greatness within so that you can RISE, SHINE & THRIVE in your life.

Would you like to gain more confidence, clarity, calm, focus and purpose as you make the mindset and energetic shifts that release your old programming and clear out the limiting beliefs that hold you back?

Are you ready to create a new narrative as you move forward into a bolder, braver, brighter version of you?


"Melanie has helped me so much to get greater clarity and to really transform my thinking from being a constant worrier and doubting everything to now moving forward with positivity, determination and more belief in myself. I never thought I could be a confident person or be able to do some of the things I'm now doing and LOVING! Melanie has really helped give me a new lease of life at a time when I thought I was past doing anything new and I'm forever grateful." Sue

"The work I’ve done with Melanie has literally changed my life. I was in a dark place, having lost my job and struggling with ill health. I didn’t like myself very much at all, I definitely didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t really know what else to try and then a friend recommended Melanie to me. 

She came along at exactly the right time and helped me find my way out of my dark hole, having a better understanding of me, learning to be a better supporter of myself, giving me more direction and hope in life and discovering an exciting future I didn’t think I could have. Midlife isn’t always easy but Melanie helps you not only cope with it but embrace and enjoy it! I honestly can’t believe the difference in me, my health and life and I’m so thankful to Melanie for all her help and support." Kathy

"Melanie is so warm and welcoming and gets me thinking about things in a way that helps me feel clearer, trusting myself more and being able to get out there and do what I really want to do without the fear and doubts holding me back! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful wisdom she shares and for helping me to find me again, only a better version now!"  Debbie

SHINE - Plain (850 × 600px).png

Are you ready to set yourself free
& let your true self SHINE?

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