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A powerful & restorative GROUP COACHING experience to help you commit to you and your goals in 2023, free yourself of self-defeating thoughts & unhelpful habits, identifyrelease limiting beliefs & blocks, dissolve self-doubt & worry and help you fully support, trust & believe in yourself as you strengthen your inner sanctuary & come home to you!


Making your journey of growth, healing and transformation a nurturing, supportive and uplifting one

Are you ready to step out of the cycle of self-limiting beliefs and step into the next level you?

Do you want to make positive change, create and commit to more helpful habits and adopt healthier practices to improve all aspects of your well-being?

Are you fed up of struggling with overwhelming, racing thoughts and an overactive, scattered mind and desire instead more focus, clarity, calm, direction and purpose?

Would you like to rewrite your self-worth narrative and learn to fully trust, love and value yourself as you become your own compassionate cheerleader, doing what you didn't think possible for you?

Are you longing to be relieved of the heavy baggage and burdens that weigh you down and break free from the repeating subcons
cious patterns that keep you stuck?

Are you ready to discover your infinite potential, strengthen your inner core, find stillness and peace within and explore the possibility of creating an inspiring, fulfilling life?

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” - Rumi

CHOOSE YOU now and get ready to experience
the incredible difference that choice makes in 2023!


Do you want to keep writing the same old story or are you ready to turn the page

and write a brand new chapter?

Are you ready to go beyond what you thought possible for you 

and give yourself the greatest gifts of freedom, love, vitality and joy in 2023?

You're in the right place!

The perfect way to start your New Year as you make the most important commitment you can ever make - the commitment to yourself.


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The Nurtured Soul Sanctuary Collective?


What's on offer for me in  

💮 A 3-month transformative journey, with me by your side as your coach and mentor, where we'll get you crystal clear and fully on track with the improvements and changes you want to make. The techniques we'll use will take you way beyond the mindset shifts and create emotional and energetic shifts for lasting change and continued growth

💮 Weekly group sessions online with a combination of live 1:1 hot-seat coachingQ&A calls, impactful training (all sessions recorded and available on replay), integration time and access to me via Voxer app


💮 2 x personalised 1:1 sessions where we can deep dive and look at what's going on for you and how you can get the most out of this experience and the journey ahead

💮 Meditations, visualisations, EFT (tapping), workbooks and maybe even some Moon magic thrown in, always taking whatever resonates to help you reconnect to you, reset your nervous system, release emotional blocks and reclaim your power

💮 Guest expert slots to enhance your experience and provide complementary  holistic support 

💮 Incredible supportencouragement and celebration in our exclusive, private, safe community. Experience the power of the collective as you surround yourself with a supportive team with the common goal of being committed to make positive change, helping and championing each other to stay on track and succeed.

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Your investment

 £1888 or 4 payments of £477 per month


 £1111 or 4 payments of £288 per month*


NEW YEAR BONUS - 23% discount to welcome 2023**

If you're ready to make the commitment to yourself this new year,

email me "I'M READY!" for an incredible promotion code!

💞 It's time to give yourself permission to say YES to you today 💞


*Extended payment plan available on request.

**Limited time offer.

Please get in touch via email if you have any questions at all. 

“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” 
Louise Hay

💮 A healing journey of self-awareness and self-love as you deepen the relationship with yourself and learn to understand your feelings and behaviours better so that you can create more positive, successful outcomes

💮 Personal transformations and mindset shifts, using my signature blend of comprehensive mindset, energetic and holistic coaching strategies, with access to a powerful set of tools to help you continue to move forward, uplevel and improve all aspects of your well-being

💮 Freedom to share, offload, disentangle from the struggles, let go of the pressures that grind you down and discover ways to generate more helpful, supportive and empowering experiences

💮 Emotional and energetic support and strengthening so that you can honour your needs and start to make changes in your life in a way that is realistic and aligned to you on your unique journey

💮 Practical strategies to assist you with intention and goal setting, habit changing, frequency clearing and positive outcome generation

💮 Deeper work to peel back the layers with supportive, effective techniques to identify your blocks, recognise your self-sabotaging stories, break free of limiting patterns, rewrite your self-worth narrative, release your disempowering thoughts, raise your energetic vibration, restore balance, boost and replenish your energy and cultivate self-compassion, self-confidence, greater resilience and inner strength.

NSC - Cover - Blank 4.png
NSC - Cover - Blank 4.png




4 x £288

Joining information and sign-up forms will be emailed upon payment - keep an eye on your Inbox (and spam folder!)

If you would like to have a chat with me first or if you have any questions at all, I invite you to BOOK A FREE CALL with me.

Please feel free to reach out to me.

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Our journey together


This is a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY to help you reconnect to you, learn, grow, evolve and set yourself free.


Throughout our time together, you’ll develop a deeper AWARENESS, learn to understand yourself and your thought patterns better and gain insights about what you really need at your core to RESTORE, replenish, soothe and comfort, so you can begin to LOVE, accept and TRUST yourself, be open to new approaches, opportunities and possibilities and ultimately live a life of FREEDOM and FLOW, fulfilling your POTENTIAL and PURPOSE.


We’ll look at what’s happening for you now, what challenges you’re facing and how you can best navigate your way through those but also EXPLORE any areas you’d like to improve or make changes in and create new POSSIBILITIES for you.

You'll learn to challenge and REFRAME any limiting beliefs that you've been carrying, that have held you back and kept you stuck. With the techniques we'll use, you'll start to realise that you can FREE YOURSELF of the self-sabotaging stories and write a NEW NARRATIVE for yourself instead.


We create the space for you to pause, BREATHE OUT and see a clearer way forward and begin to fill your own cup up as you relax, LET GO, refresh and move into a calmer, uplifted, reinvigorated you. 

As you feel more nurtured and supported, you'll learn to TRUST and validate yourself and be more willing to take brave steps as you build your INNER STRENGTH, deepen your SELF-WORTH and gain greater BELIEF in yourself.

We'll IDENTIFY and RELEASE repeating patterns that create problems, challenges or difficult situations so you feel much CLEARER, more CONFIDENT in your decisions and more COMPASSIONATE towards yourself.

This experience will give you fresh PERSPECTIVES and new ways of looking at the most important elements of your life so you feel LIGHTER, FREER and more BALANCED, ENERGISED and INSPIRED.

You'll feel HEARD, held, seen and UNDERSTOOD at a deep level, SAFE to release anything that’s been coming up for you so we can continue the healing, transformative process. 

You'll feel more EMPOWERED to make choices that serve you as you LISTEN to and trust your own INNER GUIDANCE. You'll fully SUPPORT yourself in your words, thoughts and actions with LOVING KINDNESS.

As you embrace your journey of self-discovery and COME HOME TO YOU, you start to feel whole again. You step into ALIGNMENT and dance to your own rhythm with more EASE and FLOW

Are you ready to give yourself the best chance for an incredible start to 2023?

NSC - Cover - Blank 4.png

"When we are compassionately supported as we release, offload and express how we truly feel, our healing journey can begin and the spark of possibility, potential, passion and purpose can be ignited."

Melanie Visick
The Nurtured Soul Coach

My story

As an Emotional Freedom, Energy & Empowerment Coach, I help women to reconnect, deepen the relationship with themselves and support them in understanding and releasing the blocks that keep them stuck so that they can develop self-belief, build self-trust, cultivate self-love, unlock their potential and step into their power and purpose.

Having been on my own voyage of self-discovery and self-love over the past 30 years, through personal studies and subsequently my training as an accredited NLP, EFT & Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach and Advanced Law of Attraction teacher, I am passionate in my work as a coach about offering support, solace and strategies, in a safe nurturing space, to ensure you don't suffer in silence as I help you find a place of inner stillness and strength, reconnect to your true, authentic self, embrace all aspects of yourself, honour your needs, nourish the well-being of your mind, body and soul and learn to trust, value and validate yourself.

My nurturing, intuitive, calming nature helps put you at ease as I gently guide and support you to challenge your thinking, shift perspective, reframe limiting beliefs, release the self-sabotaging stories and internal suffering and adopt an alternative, more aligned approach from where you can tune in, listen to the whispers of your heart and ultimately create lasting transformations as you free your mind and learn to become your own loving, compassionate friend.

I will help you be the very best version of you so you can set yourself free to live a fulfilled, limitless life where you trust your own inner guidance, develop greater resilience, cultivate self-love, unlock your courage, experience true vitality and joy and rise, shine and thrive in your life.

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Melanie’s sessions are a breath of fresh air, always so calming, positive and uplifting. I’ve had coaching before but this is another level! Melanie helps you see things in a different way, gets you to see where you get in your own way and supports you in such a caring, reassuring way that you can’t help but believe in yourself more. My self-esteem and self-confidence were so low before working with Melanie, I couldn’t even think about getting a new job, let alone applying for one, being interviewed and getting it! She gives you the boost you need, helps you see things more clearly and gets you supporting and encouraging yourself more. Sometimes we need a helping hand in life and Melanie is definitely the person to offer you that! Coaching is a commitment and an investment but it’s the best one I’ve ever made, you can’t put a price on your happiness and health! Just go for it!!

What my clients say...

"When you are working with Melanie, you really feel that she is holding you throughout the whole process.
Her words and questions gently help you to find your true path and to see yourself in lightness. Melanie’s deep empathy and kindness wash over you in every session like waves on a beach; you come away taller, more positive and with renewed energy.
She has an innate ability to cast away confusion and turmoil and she is an expert at helping you to see with clarity and purpose.
Spending time with Melanie enables you to rebuild your confidence and find the strength to tackle the hurdles life sends your way.
As a coach, Melanie really has an impact. She is blessed with a very special gift to uplift and nurture. She works magic and you come away the best version of yourself that you want to be.
I would thoroughly recommend Melanie as a holistic coach - her skill is remarkable."
"Melanie is so warm and welcoming and gets me thinking about things in a way that helps me feel clearer, trusting myself more and being able to get out there and do what I really want to do without the fear and doubts holding me back! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful wisdom she shares and for helping me to find me again, only a better version now!" 
NSC - Cover - Blank 4.png

Don't forget to email me "I'M READY!" for your NEW YEAR promotion code -

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